Our Fabric

Views of quilt kits and over 8,000 bolts of fabric greet you upon entering Monika’s Quilt Shop. In our store you’ll find displays that not only showcase our products, but have their own stories to tell. The table and the cabinet each have interesting histories. Don spotted a table at the local transfer station which looked like it would be useful for some temporary outside work so he brought it home. After we finished the project he loaded it up to return to the transfer station but noticed a note on the bottom of the drawer. The note read “This table was rescued from the dump ground in 1939”. It now has a second note on the drawer stating “This table was rescued a second time in 2002”. It is a lovely table and probably won’t make another trip to a garbage facility. Don spotted the cabinet on a trailer at the transfer station and asked if they were throwing it away. It was transferred from the trailer to Don’s pickup and with a little cleanup is now displaying goods in the store. Only the table knows its actual age but it apparently is more than sixty years of age.